Thursday, September 2, 2010


So today was a pretty uneventful day at the good ol American Workplace. However there was this little girl that came in. I work in a restaurant that also has video games and such in it for the kids. So sometimes a quarter will get stuck or a machine will eat the kids change and I'll give them a refund for it. Sometimes the change machine breaks down and I have to change out kids. So today i was doing my regular thing. Made a few batches of Oatmeal raisin cookies. On a side note. NO ONE knows the fucking REGALNESS to these fuckers. They literally kick the shit out of any other cookie in the world. Chocolate chip is too messy. White chocolate macadamia is good if it didn't have the macadamia nuts. And M&M cookies are just fail cookies. Oatmeal raisin is soft chewy and has the sweet raisin taste. But I digress. A little girl walked up to me and handed me three pennies. She asked "Can you make pennies into quarters?" I replied "Sure, just give me 25c worth". So she handed me three pennies and looked at me expecting to give her three quarters. Then she realized she needed more after i told her for the second time that i needed 25c worth. She came back with a handful of pennies and it totaled up to twenty cents. I didn't want to burst her bubble so i threw a nickel into my drawer and handed her a quarter. Later on during my shit she had came back with a dime and nickel. I had asked her to get one more nickel so i can give her a quarter. She happily obliged and handed me another dime so i gave her the quarter. Then she looked at me all weird. Picture a five or four year old girl looking at you like you are ripping her off. She gave me the death stare mixed in with confusion. She told me, " I don't understand why i give you all this money and i only get ONE quarter." I lol'd so hard and gave her a lesson in how much each coin is worth in relation to a penny.

Any funny stories from kids from y'all?

If so post 'em here and lets have a few laughs.

Heres a funny kid!